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GT Kraft

High-End Performance Modules for High-End Cars

GT Kraft is a team of engineers with experience in motorsport (Formula 1) and extreme tuning. We come from both EU and US and this has enabled us to gain experience in different markets and on different high-end models.

We have successfully tuned top models from McLaren, Porsche, AMG, Audi, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Ford and many, many more. This is everyday work for us and our returning customers put their trust in us because of only three things - expertise, quality and reliability!

Among us, we have decades of experience and a large number of extreme tuning projects which resulted in over 1,000 or even 1,500 horsepower. We have been developing in-house solutions for hardware and software which enable us to make ultimate but completely reliable cars. Our tuning projects are among the most advanced vehicles in the world, but at the same time completely reliable and tried and tested in real world conditions.

What makes GT Kraft unique

There is no high-end tuning company in the world that offers the variety that we give!. Our team of experts is consisted of a number of engineers with extensive knowledge and decades-long experience in their respective fields.

Among us we have had success in motorsport at the highest level; we have developed patented software and hardware solutions and we have created some of the most hardcore vehicles ever built. This is an irreplaceable experience and knowledge that only the select few can obtain!

This allows us to develop projects that complement each car in particular and still guarantee unmatched performance, reliability and safety.


Made in USA!

Contact our distribution and development partners in the USA for direct sales and support. We are located in Los Angeles, CA and Charlotte, NC.

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We have dealers in 12 different locations worldwide. Find the closest one and enjoy GT Kraft solutions locally.


Los Angeles

Simple and Efficient all in One

Our engineers have developed an advanced system that enables easy installation without any physical interventions on the stock ECU for unmatched performance delivery!

All you need to do is disconnect the ECU and connect our performance module between the sensors and the ECU. The performance module receives the digital signal, decrypts it, optimizes, encrypts and sends to the ECU. There is no physical tampering with the ECU internals and you can enjoy OEM safety and far more power.

The widest variety of tuning options for supercars on the market DEVELOPED BY THE INDUSTRY'S LEADING ENGINEERS

With experience in various motorsport competitions and racecar development, we offer tuning solutions for almost any supercar on the market.

You already own a supercar that is more powerful than most other cars on the roads. We can help you make it faster than anyone driving the same model.

Whether it is a McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz or AMG, BMW, Bentley, Koenigsegg, Maserati, Audi, Jaguar or any other supercar , we have experts with the required experience and knowledge to turn it into a unique performance machine.

You want it track oriented, or an everyday ride with the ability to obliterate anything else on the road? Just let us know and we’ll work together on fulfilling your dreams.

About GT Kraft and our philosophy

We were brought together by our love for performance cars and our need for finding reliable and knowledgeable partners in our respective strivings to create the best performance cars in the world.

After several very successful projects that brought us the most hardcore versions of McLarens on the market, we saw a great opportunity in offering such amazing upgrades to owners of other supercars as well.

We have gathered some of the best names in the industry, with patents, motorsport success and extreme road cars tuning under their belt, each of who brought their expertise and uniqueness to make GT Kraft the best tuning house on the market. We have been sharing our knowledge with each other, opening new doors and thinking outside the box.

This is why we are not limited by the current industry standards and achievements. We push those standards and make our own rules.

Some of our parts are developed in-house while others are sourced from the most revered manufacturers in the world. If we can’t find the thing we need, we don’t settle for the next best thing. We make it ourselves!

What we aim for is quality, reliability and innovation.

All our projects include only top-class parts that have been thoroughly tried and tested. They are as efficient as they are reliable, providing you with unmatched quality, but also complete peace of mind.

And our unique brain trust is here to put it all together in one amazing, custom-made machine designed to put a smile on your face.