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For us, safety, reliability and performance go hand in hand. Our ECU tuning files are developed to give the best possible performance without every questioning safety of your vehicle.

This is achieved through a mix of expertise, experience and top-notch equipment.
We monitor all the changes and measure their results, always making sure we never exceed safe levels, but at the same time come as close as possible to the borders in order to provide unmatched performance.

The three main aspects of tuning are most often an adjustment in the amount of air delivered into the cylinders, an accompanying change in the amount of fuel and choosing the best moment for the ignition of the air and fuel.
Of course, this is by no means the only things that comprise a good tuning, but they are the necessary base.

The result most often achieved is more power, more torque and a better throttle response, while keeping OEM safety and reliability. In order to offer this to our customers and clients we have to make sure that we take no ECU tuning file adjustment too far. In case the customer wants more than the OEM parts can take, we offer additional tuning stages that include aftermarket parts and can result in far more power.

We achieve such results thanks to our knowledge, experience and expertise which play a big role in determining the safe limits of upgrades and the meticulous dedication to data logging and measuring the effects of our tuning performed using the best testing equipment and tuning tools on the market.

However, we know that driving feel is more important than a simple dyno measurement shown on the paper. This is why our adjustments are not only safe and efficient, but they also provide top power and torque over a very wide RPM range. If not desired otherwise, we aim to follow the OEM software architecture and expand upon it, using the original idea of the engineers, but taking it to a whole new level.

For example, when we adjust ignition timing, we advance it in lower revs in order to give the engine that extra torque push in that section that is usually less potent. Of course, we make sure the improvement can be efficiently used by the engine and that all of the parts can endure the improvement.

As revs rise the pressures in the cylinders increase as well. As the pressures approach the safety limits, we ease off a bit ensuring safety despite the increase in power. Nearing the top of the rev range, the pressures start dropping again and we can return to ignition timing advancement to prolong the delivery of the highest amount of torque.

This ensures far better performance in RPM sections that are usually less potent and make the car far better to drive both in everyday conditions and on the track. We don’t just tune to give you a high number on the dyno sheet. We give you the number, but also make it available over a much larger section.

The above mentioned versatility in just one aspect of tuning is just an example of the way we develop our ECU tuning files. The same philosophy of giving an overall improvement in the way your vehicle feels to drive in all driving conditions translates to all other aspects of our tuning development and results in unmatched quality and is the reason why our customers keep coming back to us with every new vehicle they work on.

If you want more than this, our expertise expands to more elaborate hardware changes and even motorsport applications. Contact us for more information.

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