Exhaust Flap Control

Valved exhausts are a great invention that lets us enjoy peaceful cruising and reasonably quiet acceleration when we are driving through our neighbourhood early in the morning and extreme roars from our exhaust in performance conditions or when on the track or whenever we feel like it and all that in just one car!

Amazing, isn’t it?

However, with so many options, different conditions and different setups, allowing manual operation or not, there are simply too many chances for your particular system to do what you don’t like.
If so, we can fix it for you.

Our exhaust flap control tuning lets us tailor the sound of the exhaust to suit any conditions.

exhaust flap control

There are moments when we like our engines to roar and that is what sports cars gladly deliver. However, many people also like to drive their sports cars in everyday conditions, and for some of those, loud noises are not always the best choice.

Our exhaust flap control tuning enables you to completely control opening or closing of the exhaust flap, thus giving you the choice of discreet murmur from the engine, or hellish roars, depending on your preferences or driving conditions.

Are you driving on the motorway with a sleeping baby behind you, or are you cutting corners on the track? You can use the same car for both occasions and tailor the exhaust sound to keep your baby sleeping, or to scare your competitors on the track with a push of a button!

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