NLS or No-Lift Shift tuning helps drivers of performance cars with manual gearboxes enjoy the engaging nature of manual shifting while providing the shift speed of advanced automatic or even dual-clutch gearboxes.

While older automatics were usually shifting significantly slower than a good driver could shift a manual, modern advancements made them significantly faster. It is most notable in performance cars where, for example, dual-clutch PDK in Porsche cars gives a noticeably better acceleration than the same car with a manual.

However, driving a manual has its unique appeal for every driving enthusiast and nowadays most of them can be found in performance hot hatches. Shifting a manual on a twisty road in a lightweight car with direct steering is one of life’s joys.

nls no lift shift

Well, now we have a way to let you enjoy your manual gearbox and also get lightning fast shifting with our NLS tuning service.

What Is NLS (No-Lift Shift) Tuning?

No-lift shift tuning is essential for performance applications of vehicles with a manual gearbox. It lets you enjoy the manual shifts, but it also improves your acceleration times and smoothness.

It enables shifting gears without lifting foot off the throttle pedal. Lifting the foot inevitably reduces turbo boost and wastes some time in the process. With no-lift shift tuning, you can keep the boost up and shave off seconds from lap times.

Our no-lift shift tuning incorporates boost control and rev limits that keep the engine revving in the best range while you are shifting and still holding the throttle pedal floored. Just perfect!

All of these controls are managed by the engine ECU, which allows our expert team to provide our customers with this wonderful feature, giving them total control, lightning fast acceleration and complete safety. If you drive a performance car with a manual gearbox, you will love NLS.

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