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About GT Kraft

Top-Notch Tuning for Top-Notch Supercars


Wim Essing, Chief Engineer at GT Kraft


GT Kraft is an engineering team with more than 30 years of experience in automotive engineering business.

Our experts have been building their respective reputations as some of the most dedicated and exciting innovators in the automotive industry. We have worked with the most famous manufacturers, tuning companies and motorsport teams, pushing the boundaries and setting benchmarks for the entire industry.

The expertise comes from extensive experience in both mechanical and electronic aspects of tuning. Each of our engineers is a world-class expert in his respective field and an invaluable part of our tuning think tank.


Just some notable moments in our engineers’ histories include:

  • Working as part of the Formula 1 Ferrari engineering team
  • Working for a Formula 2 team
  • Developing a new turbo system slated to be used in Formula 1 from 2021
  • Countless stage 3 extreme tuning projects which resulted in vehicles with well over 1000 hp. Just some of these cars include the Audi RS6, McLaren’s 650S and MP4-12C, BMW X5M and many, many more…
  • Software and hardware development for marine and aviation industries

We’ve been developing our own software and hardware solutions, rebuilding and adjusting engine internals, gearboxes, turbines, developing performance modules…



However, there are three things we are most proud of:

First of all, alongside huge performance gains, we feel that quality, safety and reliability are paramount. Out tuning projects are thoroughly tested, both on out high-end equipment and on the road and our solutions are always within the physical limits of the engine, transmission and all other components. If a customer desires more than the engine can handle, we are here to provide guidance and develop a safe and reliable solution that meets the customer’s needs.

Secondly, we take great pride in providing comprehensive tuning solutions for vehicles that others say cannot be tuned. We use the latest technologies, offer unique SENT tuning solutions and develop our own hardware and software innovations. This is what makes us unique and why our customers revisit us over and over again.

Lastly, the biggest sources of our pride are the stunned smiles of our customers after test drives and their returning to us with every new car they purchase.

The driving force behind our success is our love for performance cars and our striving for innovation. We aim to make the best performance cars in the world. We are not limited by the current achievements in the industry. We think outside the box, create our own solutions and aspire to make the whole automotive industry better.

We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again!