ECU Files

Here you can find information about original ECU files and ECU tuning files for any model you are working on. Our database provides detailed data. Browse below to see the information you need.

Some of the things we offer include:

Original ECU files for all brands and models

A number of various tuning services including, but not limited to

Our tuning services make any vehicle far better to drive. Just as an example, hard rev cut adds a bit of extra boost at the higher rev ranges, pop&bang eliminates turbo lag on gear shifts and gives amazing sound from the exhaust, no-lift shift shaves off seconds while shifting manual transmission, exhaust flap control gives you an easy choice between an understated yet healthy gurgle from the exhaust and a raging beast with a push of a button…

When you find the vehicle you need, you can further search by ECU manufacturer, ECU type, and ECU hardware or software numbers.

You can view ECU tuning files power and torque gains here

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Why Choose gtkraft

Fast file service for Stage 1 & 2
Damos-based modifications
Additional tuning services (pop&bang, stages 3, 4...)
WinOLS reseller
Dyno developed calibrations
Racing cars files development
Gearbox/TCU tuning specialized for BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen...
Map packs with stages 1 or 2 included
Damos-based modifications
The latest ECU models and solutions
Unmatched expertise
Direct, live support from our engineers
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