Start-stop Off

While start-stop systems are lauded as a huge benefit for modern vehicles, significantly reducing fuel consumption in the city, in practise many drivers have a distaste for the feature.

Aside from the questionable scope of the fuel efficiency improvement, the system can also be very laggy and intrusive, making taking off from a traffic light delayed and very frustrating, especially in traffic jams.

Start-stop is also utterly unnecessary on performance vehicles whose reaction times can be greatly hampered by the system.

start stop off

In some models there is a button that turns off the start-stop system, but there are many that do not have the option of a choice.

In our years of service, we’ve had many requests to turn off the start-stop system. This is why we decided to develop start-stop off tuning for a large variety of vehicles and include it in our list of standard services.

We offer reliable and completely safe deactivation of the start-stop system through software management.

If your start-stop system is causing frustration, ZIP Tuning is the place for you. Feel free to browse our other tuning services and see how much power we can also safely add to your vehicle.

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