In gtkraft, we offers all type of tuning services such as

  • Tuning File Development
  • WINOLS / OLSX Database
  • Tuning Stage 1,2,3
  • Eco Tuning
  • Launch Control ( Manual )
  • Pop & Bang
  • Exhaust Flap Control
  • Transmission Tuning/TCU Tuning
  • Start-Stop Off
  • DPF
  • NLS/NO-LIFT Shift
  • Hard Rev Cut
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Why Choose gtkraft

Fast file service for Stage 1 & 2
Damos-based modifications
Additional tuning services (pop&bang, stages 3, 4...)
WinOLS reseller
Dyno developed calibrations
Racing cars files development
Gearbox/TCU tuning specialized for BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen...
Map packs with stages 1 or 2 included
Damos-based modifications
The latest ECU models and solutions
Unmatched expertise
Direct, live support from our engineers
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