WINOLS / OLSX database

The most popular and versatile hex-editor on the market is definitely WinOLS. The company that created it, called EVC, has a reseller plugin that makes it possible to directly download files developed by GT Kraft.

WINOLS / OLSX database

If you wish to connect to our OLSx database, you need to register on our website and include your WinOLS customer number in the registration process. If you already have an account, you can send us your WinOLS customer number in an email and start enjoying our extensive tuning services.

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Why Choose gtkraft

Fast file service for Stage 1 & 2
Damos-based modifications
Additional tuning services (pop&bang, stages 3, 4...)
WinOLS reseller
Dyno developed calibrations
Racing cars files development
Gearbox/TCU tuning specialized for BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen...
Map packs with stages 1 or 2 included
Damos-based modifications
The latest ECU models and solutions
Unmatched expertise
Direct, live support from our engineers
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