BMW 520d Tuning G30/G31/G38

The latest BMW 5 Series is called the G30 in the form of a sedan, G31 in the form of a wagon and G38 in the form of a long-wheelbase sedan, the latter reserved mainly for the Chinese market. However, the underpinnings, engines, gearboxes and the rest are fairly the same in these versions of the 5 Series and GT Kraft engineering team has developed a performance module for the BMW 520d tuning that pushes up the power of the car in any iteration.

BMW 520d G3x

The 520d we tuned is an example of the latest version of the 5 Series, on sale from 2017. It is powered by BMW’s entry level turbocharged diesel engine called B47 which produces 190 hp and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque from 1,750 revs.

This makes it more of a sensible choice than a sporty one, as it reaches 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.7 seconds. However, its relaxed cruising ability and low fuel consumption make it a very popular choice.

But this sensible car can be faster and more efficient at the same time and all that without any hardware modifications!

This is done by the use of our advanced performance module which optimizes the signal sent to the ECU and thus improves performance and efficiency without hampering safety or tampering with the stock parts. All hardware stays the same, the car boasts OEM safety, but it also has more power and torque.

The module is developed by our expert engineers with decades of experience in Formula 1 and extreme tuning. They understand the importance of safety and efficacy and are able to deliver both.


GT Kraft BMW 520d G3x Tuning

The tuning process for the BMW 520d started by a dyno test which showed us the wheel horsepower of the stock car. As you can see in the image below, the measured wheel horsepower was just slightly lower than the factory rating – it was 186.5 horsepower.

Similarly, the torque was measured at 397 Nm (293 lb-ft), so the factory rating was pretty accurate.


BMW 520D tuning



The dyno runs also gave us several different pieces of information necessary for the development of a safe, reliable and efficient tuning.

After that, our engineers developed the software for our performance module for the BMW 520d. When connected to the car, the module gathers the information from the vehicle’s sensors, optimizes it and sends it to the ECU. The optimization results in a slight increase in turbo pressure, which is inevitably followed by an increase in the fuel delivery and injection advancement.

These three adjustments need to work together! The amounts of fuel and air need to be proportioned in the most efficient way for every section of the rev range. Similarly, the added amounts of air and fuel enable us to advance injection of fuel which results in earlier ignition and improved throttle response.

All three adjustments need to be carefully tailored and measured on the dyno. For example, if injection is too advanced, this can cause serious damage to the engine. This is why our experienced engineers and top equipment play a major role in the safety of our tuning solutions.

The result of this tuning is a noticeable increase in power, torque, throttle response and fuel efficiency.

As you can see in the image below, the power rating at the wheels was increased to 217 hp, while torque rose to 450 Nm (332 lb-ft). The same amount of torque and power is now available lower in the rev range which means that the car accelerates effortlessly and needs less throttle for the same speed. This improves fuel efficiency and makes the car run smoother.


BMW 520D tuning


The injection advancement makes the car react to the pedal push faster and the added torque adds to the feeling of instantaneous response from the engine.

Our tests also show that the modification is very reliable and completely safe for the vehicle. No internal parts are changed, there are no hardware additions, OEM ECU hasn’t been tampered with safety is at the OEM level.

The entire modification is tucked away in our stylish performance module and its installation is as easy as can be. All you need to do is disconnect the ECU from the sensors and connect the performance module between the sensors and the OEM ECU.

The performance module comes with the plugs necessary and all you need to do is connect them to the matching places.

It is worth noting that more power is possible with this engine with just a few basic hardware changes such as new intake and exhaust parts. These would allow for a better air flow and give more room for software modifications.

Do you own a G3x BMW 5 Series? Would you like more power? Contact us and enjoy the safest performance boost available on the market.

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