Launch Control ( Manual )

Make your manual shifts as quick and as efficient as modern automatics, but preserve the joy of driving a proper manual gearbox.

If you are into some old-school manual driving pleasure, you will be pleased to know that we can make your launches far more efficient.

Automatic transmissions often have a launch mode that prepares all systems for the launch, builds up boost, limits wheel spin, revs and torque delivery for the starting moment and thus enables an efficient launch.

We can do that for your manual transmission as well!


The improvement comes from our transmission tuning that lets you pre-build boost just like you would with an automatic transmission’s launch mode. Simply press the throttle and clutch pedals at the same time. This will increase the revs to the level we pre-determined. This way you will eliminate the turbo lag, but not build it too much to cause excessive wheel spin.

The moment you want to get off the mark all you need to do is release the clutch and fly off.

If you combine this feature with our NLS (no-lift shift) tuning, your shifting experience gets up to a whole new level.

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