Performance upgrades to your tesla


GTKraft offers troubleshooting, updating, and Performance upgrades to Tesla Model 3.


  • Full diagnostics for Tesla Model 3
  • Read and delete error codes.
  • Add and delete keys and access.
  • Read and rewrite pin for Valet mode and Pin to drive.
  • Calibration and adaptation of radar, steering, seats
  • Install new firmware, navigation, etc.
  • Install and adapt used parts from scrapped cars and activate them for full functionality.
  • Activate Supercharge (Beg Vehicles or spare parts that have collided may lose the ability to recharge)
  • Activate Accelerations boost alt Performance mode depending on the electric motor (Currently, only TM3, e.v will also support Y a little later this year)
  • Increased battery capacity if there is a soft limit (intended for future upgrades)
  • Upgraded Autopilot with Auto Parking
  • More functions and opportunities will most likely be released in 2022
  • Retrofit – Led matrix m.m


GT Kraft has always been a curious company with technical know-how. It has more than ten years of experience in the automotive industry.

We are experts in reviving electronics that do not work correctly. “Tweaking” settings for better performance and adding functions that are there but are not activated. This has already been around for many years for BMW, Audi, and others and the story is no different when it comes to TESLA.

Before 2022, GT Kraft will invest a large part of its resources in electric cars and, in particular, TESLA.

TESLA dominated the US market in 2021 with 66% of the number of electric cars sold and is growing strongly in Asia and Europe. So, of course, we believe in TESLA and the future!


Do you drive a TESLA Model 3? We will offer updates that give your TM3 between 50-150hp more (dual engine only and non Performance models). We do not install modules but flash the system directly. We offer free updates were possible for up to 24 months.

Note: All modifying is at your own risk. By risk, we mean losing warranty and possible measures by TESLA. This has been the case for all brands.

We will update further when we are done with training and installing our equipment.


With our investment, you will not be left in the corner with expensive costs after the warranty period is gone. We will be able to troubleshoot and replace all modules in your TESLA 3, including batteries. We will also be able to activate functions that were not there before and usually cost a lot.


Contact TESLA’s authorized service if you have a warranty left on your car or a part has to be replaced or a different costly repair.

If your car is out of warranty, we are happy to help.

* Every purchaser or user of our services shall release GT Kraft and its related companies and persons involved from all liability regarding the total or partial validity of the manufacturer’s warranty after using our services. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any changes the manufacturer may make to your car (e.g., turning off certain functions, etc.).

If you have any questions please

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