Eco Tuning

Lower your fuel consumption and emissions!

Tuning is rarely seen as an eco-conscious ordeal, but it can be so and for several reasons.

One of the reasons is lowered fuel consumption due to the better use of fuel with increased torque, especially in the lower rpm sections. However, this aspect significantly depends on the driving style.

Getting more power after tuning makes it possible for you to use the power and torque in such a way that you shift earlier and keep the engine at low but comfortable revs. However, with more power, people usually enjoy driving more and tend to use the gains for sharper acceleration and better overtakes. What is the point of adding more power if you are driving slower? Moreover, even if you try your best to drive slowly, varying driving conditions, terrain and the amount of traffic can make this kind of driving impossible.


This is why we developed a dedicated tuning service that results in improved fuel efficiency!

It is a great option for fleet owners and company cars, as well as for drivers who cover great distances regularly. For these cases, the reduction in fuel consumption can result in significant savings.

One of the ways we can reduce fuel consumption is by limiting revs of the engine. This tuning aspect greatly depends on the engine and the vehicle we are tuning. The approach is totally different for large cars with large engines and for small city cars with small, turbocharged engines.

Another and more complex way to increase fuel efficiency is to alter the air-fuel mixture by adjusting the parameters of the turbo, lambda or common rail maps, depending on the desired results and the type of the engine. For this tuning we need to test on a dyno that has a system that measures fuel consumption.

We offer ECO Tuning for both diesel and gasoline engines.

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