Hard Rev Cut

Car manufacturers have to do their best to produce vehicles that are reliable for a very wide variety of uses, driving habits and, very often, inexperienced or simply bad drivers.

Hard rev cut is a tuning feature that deals with one of those features that can be frustrating for performance or experienced drivers. It is like having a nanny when you are an adult.

First of all, we need to see what hard rev cut is.

hard rev cut

As the revs rise and approach the predetermined limit, ECU software is originally designed to reduce the accelerating force. In this case the accelerating power is not as hard as it could be.

Hard rev cut tuning includes elimination of this reduction of power so that the engine can make use of its full potential in higher rev ranges. This is particularly important as many vehicles have the most power in those regions high up in the RPM range

Of course, we make sure everything is within the safe limits and the extra push is safe for all parts. Safety and reliability are as important as performance and our engineers develop each tuning to be as durable as it is astonishing.

Once this tuning is implemented, the driving feel in the higher rev range is much better, not only because of the extra power, but also because estimating redline and perfect shifting times becomes far easier and more intuitive, since the limit is clearly present and not vague like it was before hard rev cut tuning.

This way you can enjoy each crankshaft revolution to the fullest!

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