DPF, or diesel particulate filter, is a filter that is used to control emissions in modern diesel vehicles. While it can have its benefits, it also often causes a number of problems some of which can be pretty expensive.

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We offer a number of DPF-related services.

Keeping the DPF and Increasing Power

The most common one is for our Stage 1 tuning that lets us add more power to the engine without removing or replacing the OEM DPF. This is very popular because it means that the emissions are kept at the OEM level despite the increase in power and torque and the improvement in throttle response.

Removing the DPF

However, as diesel vehicles have become more performance orientated, we have also had a large number of DPF removal requests, especially for cars used on the track and in some markets where removing DPF on street cars is legal.

The most common kind of these upgrades is for stage 2 tuning where the customer also chooses to change the downpipe for one without the DPF. In that case, we need to change the software to remove selected related error codes that result in check engine light on the dashboard.

However, DPF removal can also come with stage 1 tuning where you do not go for any aftermarket parts, but just remove the actual filter from the stock downpipe.

These are just some of the aspects that we can modify and control.

Safety and Quality before anything else

We feel that quality, performance and safety have to go hand in hand. Simply deleting limiters and blindly increasing fuel and air delivery percentages is most definitely not the way to perform a good ECU tuning. In most cases this results in more power, but it also causes problems due to the software that is not balanced and adapted to meet the safety requirements. Moreover, lack of proper testing in such tuning efforts results in lowered performance. When lesser tuners cannot go as far as safety limits allow because they do not have the knowledge or the ability to test the effects of tuning, they have to be more conservative with the changes.

We can get to the very limits, but also be sure we never cross them. This way we deliver you industry-leading performance and OEM safety at the same time.

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