Mercedes-AMG C63 S

Mercedes now offers the C-Class AMG models with the latest 4 l V8 that produces 510 bhp in the C63 S. A very similar engine is used in the AMG GT, E63 AMG and the latest S63 AMG and it features “hot inside V” setup that reduces turbo lag by placing the exhaust and turbo inside the cylinder banks. Aside from the amazing power rating which goes all the way up to 612 bhp in its bigger brothers, the engine also provides loads of torque (516 lb-ft in the C63 S) from very low revs, which makes the C63 S a great everyday ride, as well as an amazing sports car.

But there are even more benefits of the new engine. Reducing the size and adding biturbo setup, AMG engineers reduced fuel consumption by 32% and at the same time improved performance, compared to the previous V8 engine used by AMG.

Performance of the car is astonishing. Acceleration to 62 mph takes about 4 seconds and the top speed is limited to 155 mph, or 180 mph with the optional driver’s performance pack. The latter figure is also electronically limited, so the car can go even faster with the limiter off.

So, the C63 AMG is an amazing sports car with incredible performance, clean and elegant styling that also gives more than enough hints of the power under the hood and all that with an everyday practicality and fuel efficiency that surpasses those of cars that offer far fewer grinning opportunities.

It can’t get much better than that, right? Actually, it can get a lot better! 

Mercedes-AMG C63 S

Stage 1 GT Kraft Mercedes-AMG C63 S ECU Tuning

The stage 1 includes several changes all of which are based on altering the ECU software without adding any new parts.

The first step is consisted of increasing the amount of air fed to the engine by the turbocharger. The one that inevitably accompanies it is adjusting the amount of fuel to accommodate the increase in the amount of air in all regimes of operation. This is a software tweak that needs to be done with care since going too far can cause serious damage to the engine and accompanying parts.

Also, the two adjustments need to complement each other at every point. This is why adjusting the amount of fuel and air to provide a significant but safe improvement requires complete knowledge about each and every performance part in the car, as well as extensive testing on the finest equipment. This is especially so in cars such as the C63 AMG, since the parts in such a performance car already withstand significant stress.

The next step, which is also a part of the stage 1, is a change in ignition timing. Ignition timing is advanced which helps the engine burn the extra fuel and air. Aside from providing better combustion, this also improves throttle response, so the car reacts noticeably faster when you press the pedal. However, this is another aspect that requires care and knowledge. Advancing the ignition too far causes serious damage to the engine internals, so technical knowledge and extensive testing are paramount.

The icing on the stage 1 cake is the removal of the speed limiter which allows the C63 S to unleash its full potential and go faster than many performance two-seaters.

Speaking of improved performance, after the stage 1 the C63 S produces 581 hp and 604 lb-ft of torque. That is a very noticeable, but also completely safe, performance increase that comes from stock parts alone.

But, there’s more. 

Stage 2 GT Kraft Mercedes-AMG C63 S Tuning

The changes for the stage 2 include hardware additions such as new exhaust and intake parts. These are designed to accommodate additional software changes. Where stock parts start to lack efficiency, aftermarket steps in.

We offer performance exhausts from the most renowned manufacturers, as well as cold air intake parts.

These improve air flow to and from the engine and allow our engineers to adjust the ECU software for even more power.

Aside from this, the new exhaust also gives a more distinctive soundtrack that will make your car sound unique as it leaves stock machines behind.

This upgrade, together with the ECU software tweak, results in an even higher power rating that now breaks the 600 hp barrier, reaching 609 hp and 630 lb-ft of torque.

With these upgrades, the C63 S has the power and torque of the E63 S, while being lighter.

Mercedes-AMG C63 S tuning

 Flames, pop&bang/anti-lag and more…

If you want to make more of an impression, you can opt for our additional tuning options. Your C63 S can create those amazing pop&bang sounds and flames when you lift your foot off the throttle.

This modification ensures that even when you lift your foot off the throttle, the turbo and fuel delivery do not stop working immediately.

Another change performed in pop&bang tuning is retardation in the ignition timing, which is targeted to occur at a certain rev range and in low load conditions, which gives us the chance to provide you with the improvement in performance when you press the pedal hard, but also great pops, bangs and flames when you lift your foot off the throttle.

Aside from the healthy gurgling and bangs, this also means that when you press the pedal again, there is no need to wait for the turbo to spool up. The boost is readily available instantly and there is no turbo lag. This is why the pop&bang mod is also called anti-lag.

Pop&bang is another mod that requires knowledge and expertise. Retardation of the ignition means that a part of the combustion process occurs during the exhaust stroke when the exhaust valves are open, which provides the desired sound and flames. Performing these changes without the required knowledge and care can cause serious damage to the exhaust system, valves, turbine and piston heads.

Our pop&bang provides literally zero chance of any damage and it has been tested many times over.

With our pop&bang modification your car is sure to make an impression even when you’re not racing. 

Aside from these, GT Kraft also offers tailored tuning following your input and desires. Our expert engineers have the required knowledge to make your every dream come true. Contact us and make your C63 S better than any other car on the road or track.


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