Seat Toledo 2.0 tdi pd Siemens/Continental PPD1.2 Tuning options

Tuning Options For Your Seat Toledo 2.0 tdi pd Siemens/Continental PPD1.2 ECU File

Tuning your vehicle is one of the best ways to get the best driving experience and many people do it to make their car more powerful, faster and responsive.

Tuning is a great way to get the most out of your vehicle and it is not hard at all. We provide the below mentioned Tuning options for Seat Toledo 2.0 tdi pd Siemens/Continental PPD1.2 ECU file. Our tuning services make any vehicle far better than it was originally built.

  • DPF/FAP Delete
  • EGR/AGR Removal
  • Stage 1 tuning file
  • Speed limiter/ Vmax modify
  • Throttle Valve TVA Disable
  • Swirl valve/Flaps OFF
  • DTC's selectivity OFF
  • Stage 1+/Stage 2 tuning file
  • Back to ORIGINAL file (restore file to original)
  • Hot start/Cold Start/Catalytic heating OFF
  • Emissions smoke test passing

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Our File Services

Stage 1 ECU tuning files
ECU files for tuning stages 2 and 3 and custom projects
ECO tuning services
TCU tuning/transmission tuning
EGR off
Speed limit removal
DPF off
AdBlue off
Hard rev cut
NLS/No-lift shift
Exhaust flap control
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