Tuning specifications for Mercedes ML W164 - 2009 2011 450 CDI

View the power and torque gains from our tuning files we developed for your Mercedes ML W164 - 2009 2011 450 CDI.
The power and torque figures you see are just a generalized indication of the power gains that can be safely achieved through the use of our ECU tuning files. The actual results vary slightly, since no engine is the same as another one.
Our Blog section is full of examples of vehicles that we tuned for even more power than shown here without reducing the safety of the vehicle.
If you need further information, or you have more specific desires, feel free to contact us and see what we can do for you. And if you are a tuner and you wish to enjoy our unmatched quality and offer it to your customers, feel free to register on our tuners portal and upgrade the services you offer.

  • Stage 1

Stage 1

Original After tuning Difference
Power 306 hp 352 hp +46 hp
Couple 700 Nm 812 Nm +112 Nm
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