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The biggest manufacturer in the world and the company that has the largest number of subsidiaries in the car universe started out as a factory made for producing cheap cars. Ok, the cheap car in question is the best sold car of all time – the Volkswagen Beetle. The project started out due to the fact that Hitler wanted to give Germans a car that any worker could afford. The job of creating the car was given to Ferdinand Porsche, who was not very into politics, but had already made a huge name for himself working with some of the best manufacturers in Germany and even making some of the best cars at the time, like the Mercedes-Benz SSK.

His hand-picked team of experts had the cute Beetle ready for production in 1938, but Hitler’s war efforts that started just a year later put a stop to the project. After the war had ended, the Beetle went into mass production and remained there until 2003, becoming the best-sold car in the world and replacing the Ford Model T as the record holder in 1972.

The immense success of the Beetle gave funds for creating other cars. During the 1950s, Volkswagen introduced another legend – the Bus – but also the Karmann Ghia, which was a stylish sports car, designed by Italians.

The biggest modernization up until then came in the 1970s, when Volkswagen turned to making FWD cars. The two which are most famous are the Golf and Passat, and a bit later the sporty Scirocco. The Golf easily replaced the Beetle as one of the best-sold cars in the world, although the outdated Beetle was still selling like hot cakes.

Today the company produces more than 30 models in all segments of the market, from the tiny Up, to the Phaeton and Touareg. They also own a number of other brands with which they share numerous technologies. This made Volkswagen cars very common and favorites for various kinds of tuning ranging from chiptuning done independently, to specialized tuners dealing with cars from Volkswagen Group, to full blown high-profile modifications.