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The Defender, Freelander, Range Rover, Evoque and the everlasting Land Rover are all remarkably good off road. Yes, even the Evoque, which has a reputation of something that is a status symbol and a city ride. It is not as good off road as the other cars we’ve mentioned, but it is hell of a lot better than vast majority of others. Plus, together with the Range Rover, it serves as a car that is a dream come true for chiptuning and styling alterations. So, how did the off-road beast become a status symbol?

It all started with an idea born during the worst thing in the 20th century – World War II. Two brothers named Maurice and Spenser Wilks became thrilled with the abilities of the rugged military Jeep that came from the US. After the war they were intent to create something similar and maybe even move a step further. However, they couldn’t do it alone, so they teamed up with Rover and the result was the first ever land Rover Series I which saw the light of day in 1948. The initial model was absolutely perfect for terrible road conditions and it was larger and more accommodating than the Jeep model. However, it was similarly stripped of almost any comfort, with just a few perks, such as the canvas roof, that were designed to provide the passengers with some kind of fun rather than just utter usefulness.

The idea was a hit, just like the Jeep was overseas. Land Rover was becoming more and more popular even among the richer buyers and this is why the Series II that came out in the 1950s was far more luxurious and thought out in terms of styling, while still keeping the ruggedness and off-road credibility. In the turmoiled years of the British car industry that came after that, Land Rover served as a valuable asset for their owners which would sell it for large sums of money when the going would get rough. The cars were so successful that there were just a handful of models for decades. However, the rise of popularity of SUVs in the 1990s was both good and encouraging for the company. This meant that their new models would have to be far more luxurious and faster on the road, while still keeping the off-road capability that made the company strong and this kind of development gave us the likes of the cars mentioned in the beginning of the text. Today, owning a Land Rover can say many things about your preferences and none of them is bad.

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